Kathakali artist: Action packed performance

Watching a Kathakali artist perform is always a delight where the artist adorning vivid colors and elaborately dress performs act of mythological plays without uttering a single word by using facial gestures.

Below are some of the pictures taken at Kalari centre, Thekkady, Kerala during my MAy 2017 visit.





But, wait, there is more coming. In the next post, I will cover what goes behind the stage in preparation of a Kathakali artist. It is really very interesting watching an artist getting ready for the show.


Kathakali : The art of storytelling

Kathakali  a major form of classical dance originated from Kerala. It is one of the oldest theatre forms in the world known for storytelling and expressing various emotions through language of gestures especially eyes to narrate tales and epics. Another prominent aspect of Kathakali is the elaborate make up code and use of distinct colors to  distinguish characters like green for virtuous.

Few pictures taken during visit to Thekkady Kalari centre, Kerala.




Making a child sleep













Display of disgust

Kalaripayattu Kerala martial artist jumping through the fire


Villageman exhaling a puff of smoke


A smiling face is always welcome


When photographing people in street, I always consider myself lucky to catch picture of a happy man  especially when it is natural and spontaneous.


Water is a rare commodity


It is beginning of long hot summers in India and water is a rare commodity. An old man carrying water to meet his daily needs.

Man on bicycle


Sometimes the presence of another subject in the background makes the picture more interesting. The image of bus in the background  makes the picture more lively. The focus remains on the man on the bicycle though and the background is blurred.

Street photography : being invisible is the key

It is always interesting to capture pictures of people at work /in action, when they are not aware that their picture is being taken which gives picture the real feeling. The best part about street photography is that you cannot anticipate and you have to constantly watching to get a prized picture.

As a street photographer, the key is to be invisible and blend with the place. But, being invisible is easily said than done. Here are few guidelines or tips on being invisible:

  1. Looking beyond your subject : Give your subject the impression that you are looking something beyond / near them. This also helps in getting idea of the background which is equally important. When you capture the image from viewfinder you can focus on the subject and take the picture.
  2. Blend with the place: Spend some time at the place so that people around you become used to your presence.
  3. Do not intimidate your subject by carrying a heavy camera equipment. A simple prime lens should be good enough.
  4. Fast shutter speed for moving subjects: If your subject is moving, it is better to take picture with fast shutter speed to avoid blurry picture as you do not get many second chances to capture a good picture.
  5. Wait and watch approach : Another idea is to simply sit on a street and wait for opportunities as
  6. Finally, a smile goes a big way to make people around you more open.

In the end, I will like to reproduce few pictures taken by me in the past which demonstrate what I mentioned above.




DSC_2214 (1)