Walking sadhu



Off beaten path


There is always an element of surprise in exploring the off beaten path. You come across new people, food and culture and sometimes you make new friends as well.

People of India : Rustic village man


What a ride!


The little boy enjoying the ride on a hand-pump.

Old man exhaling puff of smoke


The picture of an old man exhaling a puff of smoke taken at a village near Hyderabad.

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Disclaimer: This picture is a work of art and the author does not promote smoking.

People of India: traveling together


How many people do you think were travelling in this 7 seater vehicle which is supposed to occupy 7 people at max. 15 people to be precise including 5 in the back. This is the beauty of travelling in villages.

People of India : Age no bar


Age is no bar to look beautiful.

Brother : take me along with you


Village road


Villages have their own old world charm. The red road among lush green surroundings with sunlight in patches and a villager on bicycle in the far horizon looks beautiful.