I noticed this old man having conversion with himself.

I am not sure if talking out loud to yourself is some kind of disorders like schizophrenia but this probably has something to do with loneliness or neglect in the later part of life when you need care and someone to talk to and share your feelings.

There is another side to this. Geniuses like Albert Einstein talked to himself. May be this helped him in clearing his thought process.

Have you noticed anyone in your daily life-like this and what are your views on this?

Talking to oneself

12 thoughts on “Talking to oneself

  1. I talk to myself often. When I was sitting in a Dr’s waiting room today, I yelled out “oh no” when I accidentally deleted something from my phone. I looked up to see everyone in the waiting room was looking at me. Some people gave a little chuckle, others just stared.

  2. I talk to myself a lot, I tell myself story to help me go to sleep or to stop me from being lonely. My mum says that imagination is a very important skill.
    I don’t think talking to oneself is a sign of a mental illness.

    Thank you for sharing this Shailendra.

    Kailani xx

    • Thanks Kailani for sharing your views. I also do not think that talking to oneslf is a sign of mental illness and if one does not have a friend to share thoughts, one can talk to himself in private which can help in clearing the thoughts and also as you rightly said can improves imagination.

  3. Everyone talks to themselves. It’s just a question of whether or not you do it in a way that other people can notice. I talk out loud to myself sometimes because it helps me think. I just usually do it in my room or alone somewhere. I’d say it would just be when/ how you talk to yourself and what you talk about that makes the difference between crazy and normal.

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