Bee on the flower



Photography perspective : close up view of a flower


It is amazing how things which looks ordinary to a human eye looks entirely different through the eyes (lens) of a camera. Perhaps that is why they say you should have an eye for detail and if we do not have then at least a camera can still make up for that.

Sun rising through the clouds


Sun rising through the clouds Photo by shailendra sood — National Geographic Your Shot.

Spotted Dove (Spilopelia chinensis)


Elegant little egret

Egret 4

This member of heron family looks elegant in its pure white feathers. The beauty is further enhanced during the breeding season when adults develop two long, slender nape plumes and a beautiful gauzy plumage around the breast and back. It is sheer pleasure to watch this beautiful bird.

Oriental Magpie-Robin (Copsychus saularis)

Oriental Magpie-Robin (Copsychus saularis)

Male Oriental Magpie-Robin (Copsychus saularis)
Family: Muscicapidae
Interesting facts:
It is the national bird of Bangladesh.
Well known for their songs and can mimic other birds’ calls.

Chameleon (family Chamaeleonidae)


I must acknowledge the patience of this chameleon for the photograph. Unlike birds and butterfly who are always in a hurry and therefore difficult to catch on camera, this little gentleman was kind enough to pose in front of the camera and give a perfect shot.

Photography perspective : Singapore tiny skyscraper


It is amazing how photography can add or change the perspective to the actual view. This photograph taken in Singapore gives an impression of skyscraper smaller than the lamp post. What’s your thoughts on this…

Common Gull (Cepora nerissa) butterfly


Common Gull is a small to medium-sized butterfly.

Scientific name : Cepora nerissa
Family : Pieridae
This photograph of Wet-season brood- Male Common Gull butterfly was taken in Vadodara, Gujarat, India.