Madhumalti flower as is popularly known in India is a vine famous for white to red flower clusters. It is also known as Chinese honeysuckle, Rangoon creeper , Quiscual in Spanish and Niyog-niyogan in Filipino. It is also used as an herbal medicine.

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Madhumalti flower (combretum indicum)

38 thoughts on “Madhumalti flower (combretum indicum)

  1. Nice photo. Do the flowers look slightly different in each part of the world? I also wondered if there were hybrid varieties, and if so, with what plants. Just curious.

  2. This looks a little like Quisqualis indica to me. Very pretty.

    I used to have an African Combretum specie… but it never flowered and it eventually ceased to be. Sniffle. Sniffle.

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