Black-crowned Night Heron


Wildlife photography : a day in monkey’s life


Monkeys are in many ways similar to humans. They live in groups and look after each other. You can observe them taking care of each other and displaying emotions as humans.

Spotted Deer (Chital) fighting

Spotted Deer

The spotted deer (also known as Chital or Cheetal or Axis Deer) derived its name from the white spots on the body. It is generally found in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan.

Madhumalti flower (combretum indicum)


Madhumalti flower as is popularly known in India is a vine famous for white to red flower clusters. It is also known as Chinese honeysuckle, Rangoon creeper , Quiscual in Spanish and Niyog-niyogan in Filipino. It is also used as an herbal medicine.

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Bird photography : Peacock dance

Peacock dance
Peacock dance 1
Peacock dance 2
Peacock dance 3

The Indian male peacock is famous for it’s blue-green plumage which it generally displays while dancing to court a female peacock.