The chirping of the birds is one of the most pleasant sounds of nature. The taking photographs of birds is a beautiful experience but requires loads of patience to capture a good photograph.



Birds : Sounds of Nature

25 thoughts on “Birds : Sounds of Nature

  1. What you said about needing loads of patience to photograph birds is so very true! Some of them never hold still or stop flitting around so much! Nice captures of birds in this post!

  2. Great shots. Also – thanks for liking my Granddaddy Longlegs post. I will come back often for inspiration. Carmen Aida

  3. Thanks for visiting Biodiversity Revolution, and liking a post. You’ve got some lovely photos here – I too love birds and bird song.

  4. Thanks for liking my post and, by so doing, introducing me to yours…which I love. I find birds especially difficult to photograph, but love what you have captured. I’ll watch for more!

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